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The SAGE Center is proud to offer free educational field trips. Students of all ages will learn about current technology used in the region's agriculture and energy industries. We allow educational groups to come tour our facility and provide materials to keep students engaged and learning how food and energy is produced, distributed and ultimately used by consumers daily.

What We Cover

We are proud to announce with the assistance of the Intermountain ESD we have now aligned the SAGE Center curriculum with the Oregon Common Core Standards. To see what standards are met through a visit to the SAGE Center click here.

Learning Objectives

At the SAGE Center, students learn how the region was settled, when irrigation, the interstate highway system and hydroelectric dams were implemented, and how agriculture has changed over time. Technology has played a pivotal role in agriculture and energy production, making both industries viable for today’s growing population. Irrigation efficiency, industrial technology, food processing, safety, transportation, energy generation, and sustainability are all addressed during an educational visit to the SAGE Center. 

Northeast Oregon is also home to many different modes of electricity generation ranging from hydroelectric dams and natural gas power plants to wind turbines and the coal-fired plant. These different systems are all addressed in the SAGE Center alongside power load management and distribution of electricity to customers. 

Biofuels and biochemical production are also a topic as businesses at the port produce ethanol and other biochemicals.

Scheduling your Visit

Below are a few resources for planning your school field trip.

Guide for Teachers

Guide for Chaperones

Curriculum Packet

School Visit Request

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For more information about school visits, please contact:

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